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Reuters report rise in medical sales jobs

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

New research from news agency Reuters has revealed that the number of medical sales job opportunities is on the up.

Biomedical group’s fundraising allows for medical sales job creation

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

An Oxfordshire-based biomedical group has announced that they have raised £27.5 million to enable the creation of medical sales jobs in Scotland.

Equipment group success could spawn hospital sales jobs

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

The stock market success from continuing investment programmes by medical devices designer and manufacturer Surgical Innovations Group (SIG) plc could well point to the company expanding the number of medical sales jobs it needs to fill.

New compact lab devices could spark scientific sales jobs

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

A new generation of compact laboratory equipment could prompt a spike in scientific sales jobs, as labs across the country – and the globe – scramble to upgrade and downsize at the same time.

Medical sales jobs likely to involve more leasing work

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

People working in medical sales jobs might soon find themselves with more rental and leasing agreements on their hands, according to the results of a new industry report.

Potential for scientific sales jobs at NI scientific camera manufacturer

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

A Northern Ireland-based manufacturer of scientific digital cameras could be in line to create new scientific sales jobs, after recently published results indicated very healthy financial performances and a strong order book.

US expansion to create medical sales jobs

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

A major venture into the US cervical cancer screening market is likely to see a Scottish medical device manufacturer create new medical sales jobs.