Wearable medical devices to support medical sales jobs

The booming wearable, wireless monitoring device market is likely to sustain many more medical sales jobs in the imminent future, after market statistics indicated that sales are to grow exponentially in the next four years.

Research and analysis carried out by IMS Research has found that the demand for real-time data, including personal health information, will see the number of units sold globally rise from 14 million units this year to 171 million in 2016.

IMS’s Theo Ahadome said that the minimum revenues for the market are expected to reach $6 billion during the same period.

He explained, “A $6 billion market in 2016 is our most conservative forecast which assumes that the adoption of wearable technology will be limited by factors including lack of suitable technology, poor user compliance and lack of an overall enhanced experience from devices that are wearable as compared to non-wearable products.”

Most current wearable devices are focused in the area of healthcare and wellness, such as glucose and heart rate monitors. IMS has said that, as well as growth in the medical market, wearable devices are also set to see major growth in the personal entertainment and military use markets. Items such as Google’s Smart Glasses and the rumoured Smart Watch from Apple could emerge as leaders in the market.


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