Hospice granted funding to purchase syringe drivers

A hospice in south-east London has been given more than £6,000 to purchase crucial medical equipment that will allow patients greater control over pain management.

The Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice received the funding from the Axis Foundation, a grant-giving trust from Axis Europe, and will spend it on buying new model syringe drivers. The drivers are small battery-powered pumps that can be carried by the patients, allowing for their medicines to be released slowly, under their skin, to allow for continued pain relief.

The hospice was given a total of £6,287, allowing them to buy six drivers, which the director of care services at the hospice, Penny Jones, said will make a huge difference to their residents.

“We need syringe driver pumps as they enable us to ensure patients receive pain relief and other symptom control medication for example, to help relieve sickness when people are unable to take tablets or other medicines by mouth,” she explained. “These small pumps are invaluable in the care we provide for patients with complex symptoms.”

Peter Varney, the chairman of the Axis Foundation, said that it was their primary aim to support meaningful local causes such as the hospice. He stated, “Anyone who has called upon the support and care of Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice and their staff will advocate what a worthy cause this is.”


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