Medical sales jobs on the up in Tennessee thanks to funding boost

Following a new round of funding, medical companies across Tennessee could soon be expanding rapidly, opening up numerous new medical sales jobs.

Each of the start-up companies is part of the newly completed Zero to 510 Medical Device Accelerator programme, which has been rolled out to assist new firms in applying for the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) 510(k) pre-market notification process. This process is key to getting medical products to market.

The companies receiving funding assistance include Eco Surg, which has designed a sustainable alternative to the current foam positioners used to position patients whilst surgery is carried out.

Another of the companies, BioNanovations, is attempting to take a bionanotechnology device to market, which will allow for speedy diagnosis of bacterial infections.

Zero to 510 advisor Jan Bouten told The Memphis Business Journal that the funding would allow Memphis to become a hub of medical device and medical sales jobs within the sector.

“We expect each of the companies receiving the additional £62,800 investment to use that money to further prove a concept or reach a level where they are ready to really begin building a business,” Bouten went on to say.

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