New telehealth system could be introduced in Manchester

Patients in Greater Manchester could be set to benefit from a medical sales deal that may see the introduction of a life-saving remote monitoring system that will allow them to have their conditions monitored via text message.

The system – named by its developers, Mediaburst, as ‘Florence’ – is already being used by a number of healthcare trusts in the Midlands, but it is understood that talks are underway to see about bringing it into use in the Manchester healthcare system.

Florence allows patients with conditions including heart disease and diabetes to text information they have monitored themselves to a central computer at their healthcare provider, and receive instant feedback on whether their readings are fine or whether action needs to be taken.

It is understood that the system has proven so successful in its use in the Midlands that the people in Mediaburst’s medical sales jobs are already speaking to potential buyers in the US, Germany and Singapore.

The managing director of Mediaburst, Gary Bury, said that other telehealth systems largely require patients to be tied to their homes, so that information can be relayed from expensive equipment via patients’ landlines.

“Florence gives patients their freedom back,” he said. “Innovative [Primary Care Trusts] are already using it and we anticipate that an evaluation currently being done by Warwick University will give it the stamp of approval and speed up its adoption across the UK.”

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