New app aims to make medical sales jobs easier

Those working in the medical sales industry could find that a new app helps to make their job that bit easier.

The 3D Techniq, which has been developed by EnHatch, part of health care accelerator BluePrint Health, promises to aid medical sales reps during client pitches.

The app uses 3D simulation to allow the medical sales professional to demonstrate exactly how a medical device works during surgery. It provides easy to follow, extremely detailed, step-by-step 3D video footage, and can be quickly downloaded by the medical professional.

The app also enables surgeons and other medical professionals to interact with each other and the sales rep.

President & CEO of EnHatch, Peter Verrillo told Med City News, “It seems that the way we are engaging the surgeon goes beyond the 3D … Inside the app you can invite a clinician – nurse, physician assistant – hospital administrator.”

Perhaps the key element in terms of medical sales reps is the ability to see exactly how surgeons are interacting with the app, Verrillo added.

“Imagine that I am looking over your shoulder as you are using the app. I can see what you are zooming in, what you are scrolling through. If I understand that there is one part of the video that a surgeon is watching over and over and over, I am going to come to you the next day and say ‘Doc are you having problems with the surgery,’” he went on to say.

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