Chemical etching firm invests in new laboratory

A Shropshire chemical etching company has made a range of key equipment purchases to furnish its new 20,000 square foot facility.

Advanced Chemical Etching Limited (ACE) has more than doubled its square footage with the expansion, including a new laboratory, and has sourced a number of new etching machines from a specialist manufacturer in the US.

The machines are due to be delivered in early 2013 and will allow the company to also double its output potential, allowing it to accept the new business that has recently surged in for its precision components and prototyping.

The company has also appointed a new managing director, Ian Whateley, who has been charged with overseeing a planned growth in annual turnover at the company from the current £3.5 million to £6 million by 2015.

ACE’s chairman, Alan Rollason, said, “This is a very exciting time for our business and the fact we have been able to double our floor space gives us the opportunity to attack new opportunities.

“All of the infrastructure and systems have been put in place and we’re just waiting now for delivery and installation of the new etching machines. Once these are up and running we’ll be able to etch many more millions of parts per year in a diverse range of materials.

The company’s new dedicated laboratory has been tailored to have state-of-the-art measuring capabilities that will allow its scientists to work with the most exacting tolerances of materials.

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